Sacrament - Peformance video

There is something about the enormous landscape and the specific place, the landscape becomes an object or gets a detail. That this great landscape through the event gets a continuity from the great outer to the engaging.
It can be compared to ritual actions where one achieves a feeling of being part of something greater than oneself. Nothing is planned and the action I perform is not based on my ego, but bodily, almost like an autonomous process

Film photographer: Lilli Kanck

Photo: Roghieh Asgari Torvund

Kjerringøy in Bodø - Norway

Sacrament 1
Sacrament 2
Sacrament 3
Sacrament 4
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Sacrament 6
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Sacrament 11


Almost half of my life belongs to a different world, my senses have an imprint Of both my history and my present life.

There will never be a Wall between my worlds, they have melted together – the grief

Is the same and so is the pain. Religious intimacy, grief, longing And assault. The invisible pain that the body experiences only

Gets more evident.

Foto: Christoffer Nilsen

Kunstbanken Hamar - Norway 2011

performance 2011


Catharsis is a performance where I wants to expose reaction patterns that break the invisible pain. This is done through a combination of audience participation and video viewing.

Performance, video, instalation

Kunstbanken Hamar - Norway 2005

avreagerin4for internet
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Uten navn
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In Fortune Telling

In my video I use documentaries in combination with performance as a method through which to examine the random moments that create meaning in life.

Performance, video, instalation

Kunstbanken Hamar 2007

4 performance 2007
1 performance 2007
2 performance 2007
3 performance 2007

The Undressing

The Undressing, which is devised around my mother´s experiences at Heathrow Airport in London when travelling to Norway to visit me. It is a perceptual encounter and poetic journey through fear when meeting the West. “The undressing” has previously been performed in front of people passing randomly by at Oslo Airport Gardermoen, in different places in Paris and in New York along with several other places.

Hamar 2004, Paris 2007, New York 2012

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openining of Parallax viwes january 6. 2012 .NO in NYC


Roghieh Asgari Torvund ©