Born in Tabriz and grew up in Tehran in Iran. I moved to Norway in 1986 where I currently live and work.

Through my work, I convey experiences from different worlds. I come from a long family line of traditional goldsmiths. My works reflect this background and my experience as a photo journalist and journalist, with minute attention to detail and a genuine interest for human interactions.

I have worked alternately with different expressions, from photography, performance and video to drawing, painting and sculpture

In my video I use documentaries in combination with performance as a method to examine the random moments that create meaning in life. I want to convey the reality I observe and understand it closer. To turn around and see - use the power of realism to see and to remind others to see.

A common reflection from people who see my paintings, is that they force the viewer to do just that: turn around and see. Abstract, playful and ornamental at first sight, a closer scrutiny reveals a deep sense of realism – of processes beyond our control, but also room to breathe and to find one’s own meaning.


Background photo: Homegrown fungus 2003


Roghieh Asgari Torvund ©