A different presentation

I wanted to let the text for my works  come from those who know my art instead of writing it myself, or explaining something.

I have sent requests to some people in the field of art who have knowledge of my work from before and to some private people who know me as a person. I have asked them to give a reflection in a few sentences about the pictures I have sent them.

Here is the result uncensored!

Selected painting/photo from  2014- 2021   

Do Asgari Torvund's colors stand for anything? Is her use of green and yellow symbolic of disease and depravity? As in Edvard Munch's "The Sick Child" (1885-86)? Or on the face of the English dancer May Milton as

appears in Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec's "Au Moulin Rouge" (1892-1895)?

Maybe they do not. Do these forms represent anything? Like foam in its final phase, where each gas bubble is about to melt away under the weight of the mucus that surrounds it.

Where the claustrophobic is in retreat and space is created for breathing? As if she is saying - this is going well. Maybe it does not. One can read a lifetime in Asgari Torvund's pictures if every element, every choice should weigh into our interpretations. You can meet yourself in these pictures. Maybe you should not.


Ellen Marie Sæthre-McGuirk

Associate professor, Nord University

I have a feeling that Asgari Torvund's work has always been about process. Not the big, long-term process, but a reduced and compressed image of a period of transition. The contrast between before and after is the real motif. Asgari Torvund places you as an observer [either «in the middle» or «Inside»] the motif. The composition draws you into the picture and cements you firmly. You will also experience this difference, this time when everything around you changes from one to the other. The off-white and maroon colors insinuate a kind of human or biological starting point. The picture seems to deal with me and you on the most basic level, while the process is beyond our control. We are all witnesses.

Ellen Marie Sæthre-McGuirk

Associate professor, Nord University

Oysters. Intestines. Mushrooms.

Why do they look the way they do?

It's not vanity, it's function.

The gills of a fish

Inside the nose

The inside of a lung

Something there that takes up oxygen


From the air, to the blood

Its function

Vital function.


Nicklas Gahnström

Visual Artist 2017

At first glance one gets the impression of an abstract painting, but after a while something specific or naturalistic emerges.

One sees that something is about to happen, at sea or on land or in borderland.

It could be a drowning or a birth, a battle where blood is created by air or perishes from the lack of it.

The picture shows an abstract and concrete mixture of micro and macro life that unfolds into a calm dance.

Sigmund Skar

Visual Artist

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Selected work from project Renaissance  2000- 2015   

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