The origin and loss of meaning 2008 - 2014

           Roghieh Asgari

    The Sound Of These Falling Tears (   The Video Is Dedicated To The Victims Of July 22 In Oslo, Norway)

      These videos was put together for the exhibition Parallax Views in .No  NYC ( curator : Koan Jeff Baysa)  january 2012

The origin and loss of meaning"   2008 -  2014

In these video works, I wish to examine different situations where being young is to be in a state of emergency.

A type of diagnosis. How will they survive adolescence? Where is their private life?

Is there a defined space to recover. And where?

In the time they define a room their life gets meaning.

It's about two states:

A state where they know what to do, and while they do it they forget everything else, life gets a whole different meaning. A state of trance.

And the other is their common reality.

This is when you have a strong sense of meaning.

Or a ritualized behavior that helps them to get through everyday life.


    Still from Three Olympian, sound, 6 min


   Till The Wistle Blows

     Still from NSB, DVD, sound, 2 min. 2014


     Still from Headspin , DVD, sound, 12 min. 2012