The livings room 2002 -2007

           Roghieh Asgari

Room to live  2-channel video installation 10 min. sound,  2007

In these videos I wish to explore the different situations in which women from Norway and Iran create a space in which they are able to express themselves.

I wish to show the reality that I observe and illustrate its context out from my own references. To turn around and look, use the power of reality to force me to see and remind others to see that individuals even when functioning as individuals are also functioning as organs of the larger group.

My political consciousness, my commitment and my own life are the references and driving force of my artistic expression. My background as a journalist has made me aware of the dynamic that arises in the interaction of the individual to the greater relational context and how these contexts are active in forming the human character



                Carolina, DVD, sound,  1 min. 2007


              The Birdgirl , DVD, silence, 2 min. 26 S. (Short) 2005

         The Birdgirl , DVD, sound, 9 min. 2007