An interactive exploration of painting and video

In my video work I have also experienced that in the immediate documentary projects I have become part of the process myself, as a naive bystander, consciously and unconsciously present.

I get involved in the situation easily and expose myself in order to optimize the experience.

In such situations I have let the camera be my witness, while the action is due to my presence and what my body is experiencing. 

These experiences are transferred to paintings that develop organically in the process.

The paintings’ composistion or structure lacks a core, are moving in all directions without a clear limit. There is a fusion and movement in labyrinths that ends in a trophy or souvenir, as a result of my work.

From merely being an observer , I cross the border, and land inside the project, in a state where the limit between object and subject has been removed. For me,  there is an obvious connection  between documentaries and paintings.

I want to look more closely at  the situations and the work process, working with video/film and paintings. It becomes important to expose the connections between these various forms of expression. My aim is to create a visible context between paintings and documentaries that can be presented in a showroom for art, focussing on the process.


Roghieh Asgari Torvund ©