Roghieh Asgari

Still from The Sound Of These Falling Tears. 2011


In my art I combine documentary with performance as a method to investigate the random moments where humans make meaning of their lives.

I live Simultaneously in two worlds - my perception is influenced by both my past and what I experience at the moment.

I want to share my observations of how humans are forced forward and how they break through obstacles.

When humans meet insurmountable obstacles, their personal development takes a new direction.

This is the process that forms individuals and their dreams.

I want to share the reality I observe, investigate it and understand it more thoroughly, and to expose relationships based on my references.

To turn around and look - use the power of realism to look and remind others to look. Tear apart invisible straitjackets.

I always bring along my camera, it works as an extension of my own body.

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